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brings together women in IVF to connect and create clarity in the IVF process.

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Together We Wait

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About Me

Kit LeClaire (Founder and Director)

My purpose is to empower you to rewrite your narrative of trying to conceive to one of connection, abundance, and joy. I'm on my quest to conceive too and have a deep shared understanding of the obstacles. I will inspire you to create a conception of love in your life and the lives of others that will ignite purpose and meaning. My motto is “your happiness is important, you exist first and foremost."

Why join Together We Wait?

If you are ready to feel...

Empowered, connected, understood, informed and nurtured

If you are ready be gifted with...

A safe place to share vulnerabilities and hopes throughout IVF

If you are ready to create friendships with...

Women that are the best examples of strength and faith 

If you are ready to step up and into...

Your higher self and become your biggest bravest advocate

A Big Thanks

To you for choosing to make the change and become empowered.

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